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Toy & Miniature Aussies  


We are so proud of each and every one of our dogs, and are truly devoted to them. Our dogs are an absolute pleasure to be around. Everyone who meets them are truly amazed at how beautiful each of them are, and how friendly and well behaved they are.


All of our Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherd adult dogs and puppies receive regular veterinarian checkups. We have raised each of our adult Toy & Mini Aussies from puppies to make sure that they do not have any type of health problems before we decide to breed them.


We usually have all colors of puppies available; Blue Merle, Red Merle, Black Tri, Red Tri and some Blue Eyed Tri's occasionally.  We guarantee a happy, healthy , and well socialized puppy. Each and every puppy will be examined by our veterinarian before being purchased, and come with a puppy care package.


We believe that we have the very best facilities anywhere for raising our dogs. We invite anyone to come by and check out our ranch at anytime. We take a lot of pride in keeping our dogs in the very best facilities , and would be happy to have anyone come and see them. We have lots of room for the dogs to run play and socialize.


We really love all of our dogs and take the very best care of them. And we hope that you will take the very best care of your new puppy also.

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