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From Previous Puppy Owners


Tina & Perry


Cruz is doing awesome. He is such a great addition to our family, we love him so much. Our Border Collie has decided to keep him as well and plays with him a lot now, which makes Cruz really happy. Cruz is so funny when we take him for walks, he gets very insulted when someone passes by and doesn't acknowledge him, he of coarse thinks he should be the center of all attention. We get s tons of compliments on those Blue Eyes !! Thank you so much.





We had a great first visit with the vet this afternoon. Of course he got lots of love, and she was happy with how healthy he is. She also felt he would be a great fit for our family. We did decide on his name today. We played with a few names from his lineage and decided on No Limitr Ranch Skywalker Hunter. He is already coming to his new name. We called him Hunter all day today and he comes bounding when we call for him most of the time. He is doing well with crate training. He is also doing great with potty training, he's really very smart and already has favorite spots outside. Thank you again for everything and we will keep in touch.

Blessings... Jennifer



Hey Tina,


"We were so pleased with the puppy that we purchased from you, that we decided to purchase a second puppy. They are both very intelligent and extremely easy to train.  Buddy has matured to 13 inches and I dont think Rocky will be quite that big.

They have both been well socialized and are in excellent health. Even thou they are full of life and love to play, they are not hyper, and understand when its time to settle down and cuddle. We have owned dogs for the last 40 years and we both agree that ones we purchased from you have the best temperment of any dogs that we have owned. "

Doug & Denise


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